Terms of Use

The terms of service (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”), with regard to the service and contents (hereinafter referred to as the “Contents”) provided by general incorporated association, unisteps, and FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM (hereinafter, collectively referred to as the “Company”), set forth the rights and obligations between the applicants and the Company when the applicants uses the Contents.


Article 1 (Member)

・“Member” means a person or company who agrees to the Terms and applies for becoming a member of the Contents in accordance with the procedure designated by the Company.
・“Member Information” means the information with regard to the Member disclosed by the Member and the information of transaction relating to the Member and otherwise similar information.
・The Terms shall be applied to all Members, and Members shall comply with the Terms and upon and after the registration thereof.



Article 2 (Registration)


・In the event that you apply for becoming a Member of the Contents by agreeing to the Terms in accordance with the procedure designated by the Company, you may be registered as a Member after the completion of registration procedure. You shall forward the registration process by yourself (you shall not authorize another person to apply for the Member of the Contents on his/her behalf.). The Company may reject the application from a person or company due to the past rejection for the registration as a Member, or any other person or company whom the Company deems inappropriate.
・In the registration procedure, a person or company who applies for the registration shall read all the instruction and information appeared on our website and provide the correct information into the form designated by the Company.
・The Member shall be responsible for managing the specific information of each Member, such as the account information provided by the Company, ID, password created by himself/herself (hereinafter referred to as the “Account”) and shall not assign, lend, or sell the Account to any third party.



Article 3 (Change of Information)


・The Member shall inform the Company of any change to the registered information, such as name, address, etc.
・The Company shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the Member’s failure to change the registered information. Even in the event that the Member changes the information, the order, process of the transaction before such change will be made, based on the information at the time of such order or process have been made.



Article 4 (Withdrawal from Membership)


The Member may withdraw from the membership of the Contents, by contacting the Company via email, or any other manner prescribed by the Company, which shall be processed by the Member himself/herself. The Member will withdraw from the membership after the designated withdrawal procedure being completed.



Article 5 (Use of the Contents)


・The Member is entitled to use the Contents provided from the Company.
・The Member shall make the application in a manner designated by the Company.
・The Agreement between the Company and the Member will be effective, after the Company receive the above application, and the Company confirmed the registration.
・Notwithstanding the above 1 to 3 of this Article 5, the Company may, at its sole discretion, cancel, terminate or take any other appropriate action to the agreement with the Member in the event of any illegal or inappropriate action or any other suggestive action therefor was taken by the Member regarding the use of the Contents.
・The Member shall make its application by himself/herself, and the Member is not entitled to designate its application to a third party, or authorize a third party to use his/her name for making such application (in the event that the third party made the application on behalf of the Member, or the Member authorizes the third party to use his/her name and make the application, the Member shall be liable for all of the obligations arising out of such application).
・Once the agreement being made in accordance with the preceding paragraphs, the Member is not entitled to cancel the agreement.



Article 6 (Termination from Member and Liability for Damages)


・In the event that the Member performs any of the following act, the Company may terminate the membership of such Member.
・To Declare false information upon registration procedure;
・To Use, or let someone use, the Account inappropriately;
・In the event that it was found that qualification of a Member has been suspended due to a violation of the Terms in the past;
・To Infringe the Company’s intellectual property for the Contents provided by the Company.
・Any other action violating the Terms; or
・Any other action which the Company deems inappropriate.
・The Member shall be liable for any damage incurred to the Company in the events above.



Article 7 (Member Information, Revocation of the registration of Member)


・The Company will not disclose the Member Information to a third party without prior consent by the Member, excluding the following cases.
・In the event that the Company was requested to disclose according to laws and regulations.
・In the event that the Company confirms the necessity for protecting its rights, interest, trust etc.
・The Company will manage the Member Information complying with its Privacy Policy. The Company is entitled to use the Member Information for the purpose of providing, improving, or promoting the Contents, maintaining smooth and sound operation thereof.
・The Company is entitled to provide the Member with the information (including advertisement) by means such as mail magazine, etc. If the Member does not wish to receive such information, the Member may request to the Company to stop providing the information by notifying the Company in the way designated by the Company, excluding the information necessary for the operation of the Contents.



Article 8 (Prohibition)


・The Member shall not do the followings upon using the Contents. In the event that the Member performed any of the following act, the Company may prohibit the use of the Contents by such Member, or may terminate the agreement.
・To violate laws, regulations, the Terms and Conditions, instructions for the Contents and any other rules hereof
・To damage the Company’s, or third party’s rights, interests, trust and so forth
・To do any action which threatens to affect adversely to youth’s mind and body, or to be offensive to public order and morals
・To cause trouble to other user or third party, or to do any action which makes the other person offended
・To enter a false information
・To assign or rent his/her password to third party or to use such password jointly with third party
・Anti-Social Forces (which means organized crime groups, members of organized crime groups, persons who have not been members of organized crime groups for five years, right-wing groups, quasi-constituents of organized crime groups, companies related to organized crime groups, racketeer groups (soukai-ya), groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, crime groups specialized in intellectual crimes, and other similar groups)
・To take any other action which the Company deems inappropriate.



Article 9 (Suspension of Contents etc.)


The Company may suspend the Contents without notice in order to maintain the Contents’ condition and quality in the following events.
・When it is necessary for regular maintenance or emergent maintenance of system
・When system is under heavy load
・When it is difficult to operate system due to fire, blackout or any other obstructive behavior
・Any other event when the Company deems necessary to suspend system



Article 10 (Change or Termination of the Contents)


The Company may at its sole discretion, change or terminate the Contents without any notice to the Member.



Article 11 (Notification)


In the event that the Company is obliged to notify the Member, it is deemed that the Company fulfills such obligation by notifying or delivering to the address of the Member, registered by the Member in advance in accordance with Article 2.



Article 12 (Copyrights)


・All of the ownership and copyrights (including the rights stipulated in Article 27 and 28 under the Copyright Act) of all characters, texts, images, films, and all other materials, data, design, music that will be presented and shown through the program, patent and any other rights in relation to the Contents belong to the Company or the third party who grants license to the Company. Any provisions of the Term does not mean that the Company grants license or allow to use any of the foregoing rights, except for license of non-exclusive use of the Contents based on the Terms.
・Any data (including but not limited to, text, images, video and design used in the Member’s work, product or similar submissions) that the Member uses, provides, transmits or sends to the Company or through the Contents, the Member hereby irrevocably, permanently and unconditionally grant to the Company the right to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, distribute, create derivative works from, or otherwise exploit such data. In connection with the use of such data by the Company, the Member may not make any claim against the Company, including the payment of any compensation for the use of the data, the discontinuance of the use of the data, or any other claim (including, in the case of copyrighted material/work, the exercise by the Member of any moral rights against the Company or any person designated by the Company).
・In the event that a dispute arises with a right holder or a third party in the Member’s violation of the preceding paragraph 2, the Member shall resolve the dispute at his/her own responsibility and expense, and shall not cause any burden or damage to the Company.



Article 13 (Disclaimer)


・The Company accepts no liability for damages due to the suspension of system, loss of data, unauthorized access or any other damage to Member regarding the Contents.
・The Company does not warrant that mail contents sent from the website, server or domain does not include computer virus or any harmful content.



Article 14 (Revision of this Terms and Conditions)


The Company may at any time revise this Terms and Conditions and may set forth the supplement term (hereinafter referred to as “Supplement Term”). Revision or supplement to this Terms and Conditions shall be effective when the Company show revised Terms or Supplement Term on website designated by the Company. In such case, Member shall be subject to revised Terms and Supplement Term.



Article 15 (Governing law, Jurisdiction)


Any dispute arising out of this Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan and subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court.



Article 16 (Language)


The Terms shall be executed in Japanese language. Japanese shall be the governing language and any translation of the Terms into any other language is for convenience of reference only and shall not bind the parties hereto.