The fashion industry needs to change.

We search, praise, and educate future fashion designers who have the courage and ambition to overcome this situation.

I believe in the power of imagination, but how can we create a better society with our imagination?


Climate change, global pandemic, war… I wonder, what can fashion achieve under these realities.


This program was established in 2021, under the belief that to search, praise, and educate future fashion designers who have the courage and ambition to overcome these situations will lead us to a better society.


Anyone can apply who has a passion to take a new step as a fashion designer. Those who were chosen as the finalists, will be required to realize a garment design which achieves both social responsibility and creativity. A wide range of support will be provided from various advisers and experts, as well as an opportunity to present your creation.


Us mankind has been developed our society by creating, and wearing garments. Food, garments and housings-we are the only species who wear garments. That’s why I believe thinking about garment is equal to thinking about future of us.


FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM is open to everyone who are passionate to think, and create the future together with us.


Founder: Fashion designer, Yuima Nakazato

FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM is a new learning opportunity that combines five programs.
01 | AWARD AWARD Where we define fashion for the coming era

We will think about social responsibility and beauty to be embodied and appreciated. We will consider the future of fashion through interaction with judges who have unique perspectives with diverse backgrounds.

02 | INCUBATION INCUBATION Where we support participants

We will provide participants with a wide range of support, including opportunities to learn from supporters and advisors from various genres, materials pffer, assistance and advice from technicians necessary for production, as well as opportunities to present their work and disseminate it through the media.

03 | SCOUTING SCOUTING Where we spotlight future talents

We provide opportunities for those who want to take a new step forward as a fashion designer regardless of age, profession, or experience. We will also search for talented people from domestic fashion related educational institutions and high schools.

04 | MATCHING MATCHING Where the chemistry happens

We will provide a place where the participants can encounter with various companies, as well as the other participants, who have the qualities needed to be active as designers, in terms of creativity, awareness of social responsibility, presentation skills, and business skills.

05 | LABORATORY LAB Where you develop your ideas

Selected 8 finalists can attend the Lab discretionally. Lab which is held on parallel with the program, will be a great opportunity to continuously learn, and to develop your idea.

Program Timeline
April 30th - June 30th
Please carefully read the point.
End of July 2023
Primary selection
16 designers will be selected.
*Travel expenses will be partially provided for those who live far away from the program.
August 2023 - November 2023
Incubation and Secondary selection
8 designers will be selected by the secondary selection. A wide range of contents will be provided to the selected 8 finalists, such as advices from various experts, production budget of ¥100,000, introduction of various materials and experts, online course, access to the monthly panel discussion on a specific theme, and an opportunity to exhibit your creation.
December 2023
Announce of Winners
Final presentation and award event.
January 2024
Join the Lab
Selected 8 finalists can attend the Lab discretionally. Lab which is held on parallel with the program, will be a great opportunity to continuously learn, and to develop your idea.
Who can apply
Those who aspire to explore the frontiers of fashion by combining their original ideas with a social responsibility perspective. Anyone at any age can apply. Any specific profession or experience are not required.
How to Apply
1. Please read application requirements and manual HERE.
2. Please access to application form from the ENTRY button.
3. Please submit your application form/portfolio/idea proposal online before June 30th, 2023(JST)
*If you would like to send additional file to us, please upload from the entry form.
*Gmail account is required to apply.FOR CONTEST RELATED ENQUIRIES

Angles of jury

We expect to provide your creation with you own logic and story, with below angles of thinking in depth.

Social Responsibility

Guarantee of transparency

  • Traceability
  • Transparency

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Gender
  • Sizing
  • Inclusive design


  • Water usage
  • Chemical
  • Carbon usage
  • Energy efficiency
  • zero-waste
  • biodegradability
  • biodiversity

Circular system

  • repair
  • upcycling
  • open-loop recycle
  • closed-loop recycle


  • Labor's rights
  • Child labor / forced labor

Animal welfare

  • animal abuse
  • breeding environment


  • original definition of beauty
  • newness
  • originality
  • timelessness
How can I apply?
You can apply via Google form on FFP website
What are the requirements to apply?
There are no requirements. Regardless of age or experience, we would be happy to receive applications from anyone who aspires to realize a creation for the new era.
Is there anyone who is not eligible to apply?
Basically, everyone is welcome to apply. However, we would not accept those who are involved with antisocial forces.
Is there a fee to apply?
No. You may have to cover the postage cost, in case you with to send optional documents to us.
Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes. Please note that you can only make one application for one idea.


Juries of wide range of profession considers the compatibility of beauty and social responsibility.
Juries encourages multifaceted discussions on what and how we should evaluate fashion, and considers the true meaning of making clothes while maximizing the joy of fashion.


FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM will share the perspective and process of learning to everyone. FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM promotes discussion on social responsibility in the fashion industry. We aim to create a future of fashion where creativity and social responsibility co-exists at a high level.


Yuima Nakazato
Takumi Adachi
Arisa Kamada
Io Takemura
Keisuke Izumi
Spiber Inc.
Yoshi Oshima



Jury members, sponsors, supporters are in alphabetical order.


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