How can I apply?
You can apply via Google form on FFP website
What are the requirements to apply?
There are no requirements. Regardless of age or experience, we would be happy to receive applications from anyone who aspires to realize a creation for the new era.
Is there anyone who is not eligible to apply?
Basically, everyone is welcome to apply. However, we would not accept those who are involved with antisocial forces.
Is there a fee to apply?
No. You may have to cover the postage cost, in case you with to send optional documents to us.
Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes. Please note that you can only make one application for one idea.
Can I submit an idea that has already been submitted to other awards?
Can I apply as a group?
Yes, you can submit as a team, but only the representative can participate in the program.
Can I apply even if I haven't completed my work yet?
Yes. We would be happy to provide you with materials, locations, and advice from various people during the course of the program to help you shape your work.
Can I submit my work in other languages?
We would appreciate it if you could submit your work in Japanese or English.
What will happen to the ideas I submit? (About intellectual property and rights)
We will freely use the images and other materials taken by the FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM office of the submitted idea at our own discretion. Please understand that patent rights and design rights belong to the inventor.
My idea contains confidential information, how will it be handled?
Please submit your idea on the assumption that it will be public. Please do not submit ideas that cannot be published.
Do you accept mailing of portfolios? Also will my portfolio be returned to me?
No, we don’t accept mailing of portfolios, also even you sent us portfolios, we will not return your portfolio that you sent to us.
What are the benefits of being selected?
You will be able to enjoy various benefits to sublimate your creations, such as information dissemination in mass-media, relationship building and matching with related companies, advice from the judges who have a wealth of knowledge, and participation in the Incubation & Lab after receiving the award.
What do you expect from the applicants?
We hope that you will show us your vision for the new era and show us how to implement it in society, without being bound by stereotypes or common sense.
When will the results of the judging be announced?
Program participants will be announced in end of August, and final judging will be announced at the end of November. However, this is subject to change without notice. Any changes will be announced on the website.
Who will judge the entries?
The panel of judges selected by the FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM.
What are the criteria for judging?
It is important to have both social responsiveness and creativity at a high level. There is a description of the judging criteria on the website. Please refer to the website for more information.
It is a program initiated by fashion designer Yuima Nakazato, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment. With the awards as its mainstay, the program aims to discover the next generation of creators for the new era and grow together.
What is the goal of the program?
In the fashion industry, which is facing a variety of social issues, we aim to show the direction that humanity should go ahead in order to realize a better society and to establish new standards of value, as well as to discover the next generation of talent who can contribute to this and grow together.
Who runs the program?
It is run by unisteps, a general incorporated association, and the FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM Committee.
What is ideal for the past works to be described in the entry sheet?
It could be anything. It doesn’t even have to be related to clothes.
Is it necessary to submit past works?
Yes, it is necessary. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a design of clothing. We encourage you to present your past creation freely.
Do you accept designers of accessories, hats, etc?
Yes, we do accept non clothing designers.
Can we apply without determining the materials to be used?
Yes you can. It would not be a problem that the material you want to use has not been determined at the time of application. Please note that we are planning to introduce various types of materials provided by the sponsor/supporting companies during the program.
Is it required to submit a design sketches?
It is not necessary, however, it will be a useful reference for us the jurors.
How many design sketches should I submit?
There is no requirement. You can send us as many as you want.
Is it allowed to create something apart from the submitted contents?
Yes it is. We hope you will get a lot of inspiration from the program and explore your creation throughout the program.
Is it allowed to submit the design presented in the past?
Yes. You can present your creation that has been presented in the past.
How does the portfolio submission affect the judging process?
Portfolio will definitely be a useful reference for the jurors. In case you do not have any portfolio, we encourage you to present your past works through your Instagram account etc.
Is it allowed to apply with an idea using a specific material, without having actual connection with the company which produces that specific material?
Yes it is. We will also support the participants by providing various materials from the sponsors and the cooperating companies to the possible extent.
Can I apply even I don't reside in Japan?
Yes you can. You don’t necessarily need to be reside in Japan.
Is there a limit on the number of looks?
No. You can create as much as you want.
Is it required to fill in the company or organization name that I belong to in the <code>Affiliation</code> column?
Yes, it is required. If you wish not to specify any company or organization name, please feel free to use a general term such as “company employee” or “student”.
Do you have an English website?
Yes we have. Please check our official website.
Can I participate even I have to work on weekdays?
Yes you can. We are planning to have the programs during weekends, so that many people can apply.
Do I have to block my schedule for the entire day, for the dates that the program will be held?
We are planing to hold our program during Saturday (JST). Details of the program will follow, but we encourage you to block your schedule for the entire of the day of the program.
Does the participants can participate in the lab next year?
Yes. The selected 8 participants can attend the lab next year.